Book Shows

An amazing method for an author to showcase and make their book shine is through a book show. Bookstores have its advantages, but we cannot deny the fact that getting a spot on that shelf can entirely be up to chance. Gaining a chance to set up a booth or section at a book show can help you not only with marketing your book, but it also allows you to talk to your readers about your book. There is an opportunity where you get to meet potential readers so they can take a look and see what your book is all about, they can also ask you about your book or your collection. That is not something you can usually do at a bookstore.

Book shows are these events that happen almost every single day. There are book shows that travel from city to city; some are on permanent areas. Book shows are anticipated events that rallies in readers left and right, some readers may even be more excited than others. Events like this are opportunities that you would never want to miss, especially if you are an author aspiring to show off their work. You can venture out into the crowds to show potential readers and fan base what your book is all about. There may be a few items that you would want to bring with you on a book show, depending on how much fanfare you actually want to display. Bringing these items can make a difference.

Book Signings

Now book shows may be exciting, we should first mention how important book signings are before diving into the exciting tools you would be using. Organizing book signings can draw in a lot of potential readers to see which ones will stick throughout your whole collection. Imagine having yourself seated on a table with a stack of your own books and the line goes all the way to and out of the door! Your readers will be patiently waiting for their turn to get their book signed by you, the author. You can’t beat that feeling of excitement and fulfillment.

Setting aside that feeling, having a book signing event is great for public relations and it can also be a way of marketing your work. Setting up a book signing event at a bookstore would advertise your work at no expense to you. Bookstores can help you get more people to not only buy your book but customers can also continue browsing through other books and shopping. Having a book signing also allows you to get closer to your readers personally which can be word of mouth advertising. There’s no better way to promote by having someone talk about a book that they have read, enjoyed, and are ready to share this book to the world.

As we have mentioned before there are tools that you would be using; these tools are needed in helping you when these book events occur. When you have these tools by your side, it will set you a level above higher than the rest.

QR Code

In this century, you would usually find someone with their phone. People can carry them by hand or inside their bags, carrying them everywhere until it becomes an essential item in their daily lives. When you have a smartphone, it can be extremely useful in storing, organizing, or even gaining different kinds of information.

As an author you can use advanced technology to your advantage. By getting to own your very own QR code! Smartphones are equipped with a default app for QR code reading. When someone has a QR code reader, it’s easier for the individual to link themselves to information to find what they need on the internet.

Getting your very own QR code can be linked to wherever you want it to. It can be linked to your website or blog. You can also have a QR code that redirects your reader to your author page on Amazon so they can add it to their bookmarks and then return to it later. For some readers it may take some time before they can come to a decision if they want to dive deeper into your book or take a look at it in a more private setting. Having a QR code gives your readers access to your other work that was not showcased on the day of your book event, along with updates or news about your journey as an author.

You can link your QR code to press releases, online sellers, your blog, or any platform that can help you with marketing your work and brand awareness. You can also have your code redirect your readers to a survey that they can fill out. Another method you can use is placing the QR code inside your books. There are numerous possibilities with what you can do with QR codes.

Electronic Sell Sheet

Authors often find it difficult in concisely summarizing their work. Some authors add way too much to the description or leave too little to the reader’s imagination. Giving the reader too much information that is sometimes out of context would lead your reader away from your work. Availing for our Electronic Sell Sheet service can help you as it is designed to give the reader a concise overview of you or your work in just one page.

The electronic sell sheet is designed to be neatly formatted and eye catching.

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