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Everyone knows that Hollywood producers have constantly been on their feet to look out for the next blockbuster film. They do publications and queries just to look for that missing puzzle piece that will complete their box office goal. It is no secret either that almost every writer has dreamt of having their work made into movies or even Netflix originals.

As much as Hollywood directors and producers are constantly looking, they are also swamped with unsought for materials. There are many sloppy submissions, poorly formatted, and there are submissions that are just not worth looking at. This is what happens when an author tries to submit their work to be noticed with no experience in tow whatsoever. The chances in getting that film are slim to none if it does not catch their eye.

Hollywood directors and producers just cannot allocate the time to have to fix and polish a script into something they can use. When a submission lands on their desk, they want it to be well-written and it should peak their interest, the less they have to polish the better.

Do you want your book to reach the big screens, or even just the small screens? We can help! You can check out our Hollywood services below and take the chance to grab this offer. Next thing you know, you would already be sitting next to a Hollywood director on set watching your book come to life into a form of a film right before your eyes.

Hollywood Screenplay

It can be one long and challenging path in turning your book into a screenplay especially for individuals who have no script writing experience. We can handle that for you. We know how much hard work you go through with writing your work. There is just as much hard work put into picking apart the chapters and characters for scene by scene, and then having to tell the director and actors where everything has to go.

There also needs to be a dialogue set into a more readable tone that is heading somewhere. In a book, you can express what is going on in that setting or what are the thoughts running through the minds of your characters. But in screenplay writing, the focus is more on showing rather than telling. The rules of screenplay writing can be rigid, and even difficult to follow for a lot of writers. Hollywood directors and producers won’t even turn their way towards screenplays that are not professionally written.

We can help you by taking a look at your book; assess its strong points, and then transforming your work into a professional screenplay worthy for Hollywood’s directors and producers. We will make sure to stick to your vision while adding direction and scenery descriptions that can be transposed to film. We will also make sure to have your dialogue in proper form so that the actors can identify the parts where they would be speaking, or what they should be doing while the other actors are speaking.

It is essential that the actors and directors can fully understand the points of the screenplay. From the backstory to the mannerisms of the characters, to the way these characters dress, walk, talk, and even feel. A lot of actors want to know why the characters are the way they are. There is more to screenplay writing than what writers assume it may be, that is why a lot of writers fail at getting their books to become the next big screenplay to the right Hollywood people.

We can help you transform that literary masterpiece into a well plotted Hollywood script. We have professionals that can ensure that the quality is fit for a Hollywood producer that would definitely look twice at your submission which would be a load of stress and headaches off your shoulders.

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