One technique that has helped numerous writers to get ready to continue their journey to creating an amazing book is enhancing your work with illustrations. Illustrations play a big role in carrying out the message of your story and letting the reader feel the experience of your words. In the publishing world, images in books can be a quite messy business. If it is done incorrectly, having images in a book would only lessen the value of the book for the reader.

You can find illustrations especially for how-to and instructional books. Illustrations help the reader in understanding the message that you are trying to convey. There are readers who understand the message better through images and may need the help of those images.

But even for fiction books, especially those targeted toward younger readers, can get a lot of value from illustrations. Characters can be drawn to give the reader a more visual idea of what they look like. Also, illustrations are ideal for landscapes and even architecture.

For fictions books, especially targeted towards younger readers, these books can get more value from illustrations. Having the characters drawn can help give the reader an idea as to what the character would look like. Illustrations can also be for landscapes and architecture.

You can check the four tiers below to see which tier would best fit you and your work.

Line Art

When you talk about line art, it is basically creating an illustration using distinct lines. It can be straight, curved, or any kind of shape you would want; consisting of horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even zigzag lines. These kinds of images are set with a plain background, no hue, gradient, or shading. An illustration that has varying thickness or texture from each line gives a one of a kind shape which is what makes line art unique.

If you want your book to be read as a learning tool or reference, take note that a percentage of sixty-five readers are visual learners. By seeing illustrations like line art, would give these readers a better experience as the images help explain processes.

Line art can be quite the challenge to writers who spend their time improving their work; these writers focus more on words and not visual arts. We offer three services for line art that can be the collaboration that you might need to make your book the next big thing.


Would you prefer adding a few more details to your illustrations? You might want to include basic digital coloring as an enhancement for your work. With our basic package, we can bring your illustrations to life without having to take your reader away from the importance of your work; your words. Doing this is meant to give your reader an idea of the book and yet still be as pleasing to the eye and having value to the story. These images are without shading or highlighting.

Having well placed, basic illustrations says a lot in books. This is especially true for children’s books. It can be difficult for some children to transition from picture books to novels that have no pictures in them, especially when they are in their developing stages. When you have illustrations in your work, it can help keep their curiosity alive while reading along and still discovering more about your story.


Our Semi Service is similar to the basic service; the difference is that the Semi Service allows adding more life to your illustrations with highlights and shading. Having these extra details to your work would make your illustrations stand out more and letting the reader dive deeper in to your work.

If you want to give your reader a better experience while staying basic, then our Semi Service is the one for you, especially when it comes to your perfectly timed and well-planned illustrations. When availing for this service, your illustrations would create a bigger impact to your reader by adding those extra details to build up the momentum of your story. You show that you care about your readers by giving them more than what they expect when going along with your story or instructions.

There are instances where having more detail is necessary in order for the reader to see the big picture, especially for how-to books. Seeing as sixty-five per cent of readers are visual readers, you have to find the best strategy for your message to get across to readers.


Having digital colored illustrations with fine details for your illustrations is the best way to go when you want to bring your illustrations into real life. Our Intricate Service takes your illustration to the next level by enhancing these images to a 3D quality. This includes having your illustrations equipped with highly detailed lines, shading, gradients, and coloring.

A lot of authors want their readers to be engrossed in their work, if you are one of those authors then you need to check out our Intricate Service. If your book is under the high-fantasy or sci-fi genre, you might have spent hours and hours polishing your descriptions. But having intricate illustrations can take your reader’s experience to the highest peak. Once you have taken them to that peak, they will just keep coming back for more! When you have that fan base, you know that building it is what’s important; having illustrations at this level will make your book rise to the top.

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