We want to hear about you and your dreams for your writing career. Furthermore, we want to make those dreams a reality. By working together through the entire process, our team will ensure your book is in the best possible condition to present to your readers.

PR Specialist

Many, if not all, traditional publishing houses won’t even look at an unsolicited book or manuscript. Try as you might to send query letters and sample chapters, your work has an extremely slim chance of ever being looked at. These big publishing houses don’t have time to sift through thousands of submissions per month. But if they see something that catches their eyes, then they seek out that author. Not the other way around.

Contact us about hiring your own publicist and PR team today! By availing for this service, you can make both you and your book be the talk of town in all social media platforms. Get the recognition you deserve and get those traditional publishers contacting you left and right with a contract in hand.

Comprehensive Campaign

One of an author’s biggest challenges would be marketing their work; having to market your book might actually be more difficult than having to write it. That’s saying a lot about marketing. Even though your target market is filled with varying authors and books, never forget that reading is an everyday thing. Readers are constantly looking for the next big thing, a book to fawn over and to display on their shelf.

To make sure your work is constantly and competently advertised in the right places, having a comprehensive marketing campaign is your best option. That is the place where dedicated readers lounge. If you are unsure where to get started in marketing your work, leave it to us! We can handle the heavy load so you can focus on what you are best at; writing amazing books.

TV and Radio Advertising

Everyone knows that the media runs the world today; it’s the source of news and the best platform for releasing the next big thing. People find themselves glued to social media networks, one way or another. Even though we are in the stages of advancing technology, there will always be people living by the television and radio. Big companies continue to give millions to these social media outlets. Having the power and impact of a TV or radio ad, why miss out?

To get the attention your book needs, you would need to have a well-placed radio advertisement. Not only would it make your book stand out more than the others, along with the help of our Guaranteed Bookstore Placement service, you can guarantee that the minute your potential readers are out to look for the next book to read, they will be searching for yours.

Press Release

When you aim to have your book reach outlets such as magazines, newspapers, social media platforms, podcasters, and even television, a professional press release will be the cherry on top in boosting the visibility of your work. When you avail for our Associated Press Style, you can have a professional press release that can be used on your blog, author’s page, Amazon page or any platform where you can reach out to your potential readers. This is a strong strategy to get your readers to anticipate and gain interest about buying and reading your book; and when they do, they are a newly added fan of your works.

Before anything else, we would provide a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill out. Along the way, we will guide you into some tips and tricks so your answers stand out in the best way possible. When you are done, you are free to use the press release in any way you see fit. Having the press release on your side will definitely make an impact that your book deserves.

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