Video Marketing

.videoIt’s the talk of the town that the newest trend in advertising is video marketing, and it is here to stay. With technology continuously advancing along with social media platforms keeping up with that change, even where videos trend faster than images, everyone has a video camera ready and filming. You may want to start considering to avail for a video marketing for your work, it may even be your best option. We can offer you two book trailer services to jump start your video marketing campaign and they are:

Book Trailer with Voiceover

When you stumble upon social media platforms that are heavy on videos like YouTube, you will soon find that there are numerous video book trailers. Video book trailers create this fun and exciting vibe, building up anticipation and intensity about your book. We offer you a service, a video book trailer with a voice over. This can be a way to grab your potential reader’s attention as they scroll along their news feed on different social media platforms. Having that voice over will take their hand and draw your reader into the story that you want to share. The voice over would also guide them along with the bits and pieces of the story to attract your audience.

Professional voice actors would take the floor for the voice overs of the video trailer, those who use their voices to create an emotional impact towards the reader that pulls them in, creating this response from the reader. Having their crisp and clear voices would also grab the reader’s attention. You can provide these voice actors with a script in making your very own video book trailer. As if you were in a Hollywood production!

While we are on the topic of Hollywood, this video book trailer comes with a pitch to ten Hollywood executives for film or TV consideration. This would also include a customized pitch query letter indicating that you would have the final say on and guaranteed responses from producers.

Author Interview

As an author amongst many, it would not be a surprise that one of your biggest dreams is to be interviewed about your work. After hours and hours of crafting this masterpiece, sacrificing your blood, sweat, and tears, you would want nothing more than to talk about the process of building it. You would want your audience to see what you as an author would have in mind when creating a book.

Going through an author interview can also be a useful tool in marketing and branding campaigns. An author interview would be a way for you to be put out there for the world to discover. It has been proven that doing this interview is effective in not only selling and promoting one book, but even an author’s entire collection. The readers would also be impressed that someone has taken the time to interview you. Getting this interview can add value and importance to your work.

You can use your interview on your personal website, author page, or blog. You can also leave links of the interview in the author’s page of your e-book or link it to a QR code.

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