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These days, it can be a struggle finding your way as an author amongst many. That is why an author like you would push through and taking reign of their career, making sure their work can stand out and above the rest. Whether you plan on selling your book yourself or would like to attract potential filmmakers or high-end book sellers, our packages are sure to fulfill your needs. You can go from someone who sees writing as a hobby or an aspiring author creating their greatest masterpiece; we have something for every author.


Authors write because it’s what they love to do, but there are also authors that write because they want the whole world to read their very own masterpiece. In order to do so, you would have to have the tactics on how to make those heads turn and have them coming back for more. Having the right marketing services would give your work a chance to capture a bigger target market. The last thing you would want to happen is to have your work fall into the wrong hands.

Social Media Publicity

You find almost anyone on social media; updates about different kinds of information are being released on this platform every minute. Social media publicity is the opportunity to have that real-time interaction with your current and even potential readers. Spreading the word about your new work, what you are working on, when your next book signing would be, and so much more! When you avail for this service, you can be sure that your target market and audience will be looking out for your next update.