As an author, nowadays can be challenging because there are so many of them. It's for this reason that a writer such as yourself would persevere, seize the initiative, and ensure that their output is unique. You only deserve the greatest acknowledgment for the work you have done. You might find yourself writing a book that surpasses your expectations with our assistance from publishing services that will assist you around the clock as well as with our publishing services add-ons.

Line Editing

A line editor will review the manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word choice errors, and provide recommendations to enhance the overall readability of the work.

Developmental Editing

A developmental editor evaluates the manuscript, identifies areas for improvement, initiates content editing, and conducts a quality review to ensure editorial soundness before production.

Content Editing

A content editor performs a detailed line edit, checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and word-choice errors. They focus on consistency and accuracy in fiction and nonfiction titles. This service is ideal for manuscripts requiring more sentence structure and grammar work than basic content editing.

Kirkus Basic Editing Service

The service includes a comprehensive language cleanup, including corrections for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typos, along with a marked-up manuscript with tracked edits and an editorial letter.

Kirkus Developmental Editing Service

Collaborative editing involves a developmental edit focusing on structure, pacing, style, tone, plot, characterization, dialogue, thesis, clarity of message, repetition, and reference use. It includes an editorial letter and a marked manuscript.

Data Entry

Converting the manuscript that the author is supplying us in hard copy into a digital copy.

Illustration Service

Illustrations are a crucial tool for writers to enhance their work and convey their message effectively. They are particularly useful in how-to and instructional books, helping readers understand the message better. For fiction books, particularly those targeting younger readers, illustrations provide a visual representation of characters, landscapes, and architecture. Incorrect use of illustrations can diminish the book's value for the reader. Therefore, incorporating illustrations in a book is essential for its success.

Unlimited Image Insertions

To ensure that your images, tables, charts, and other visuals are shown as you intended with no limit, use our image insertion service.

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