In today's competitive publishing industry, a well-executed and tailored publicity campaign is an integral part of your journey as an author towards success. With the right strategy, implementation, and collaboration with a dedicated publicist, you can create a powerful and enduring impression, turning your books into compelling must-reads amongst both avid readers and new literary enthusiasts.

Radio Interview

The best way to increase awareness and reputation in the publishing industry is through radio interviews. In publishing, media attention has a huge impact on revenue and book sales. The portability of the radio allows advertisers to contact consumers while they are on the go, giving them a competitive advantage. Because radio is so accessible, listening can take place in locations that other media may find challenging to reach. For instance, your target audience doesn't read newspapers or magazines while driving, nor do they watch television while working in the garden. Nowadays, radio also crosses over with the digital media phenomena thanks to downloadable radio station apps.

Christian Podcast

Whether you're a pastor, minister, Christian author, or have a product or message for a Christian audience, our team is ready to help! Our area of expertise is helping Christians spread their message to others. A platform for reaching a focused audience of Christian listeners who are interested in religious topics would be provided by a Christian podcast service. The author's message and ideas are more likely to be accepted by this targeted audience.

Press Release Campaign

This service includes a press statement that has been well produced and is disseminated to 400 media outlets, including online news subscribers and opt-in organizations. Your press release might attract the interest—and eventually coverage—of different media, which could improve your book's chances of selling. This is ideal for authors who are on a small budget but understand the critical role that media attention plays in the success of their books. Let your book stand out and be noticed by TV and radio stations, newspapers, and online news sources.

Hollywood Services

Learn more about Hollywood service, the strategy used by the business to find new writing that might be adapted for the big screen or television.

We'll pair you with the reader and writer who will best understand your particular story as a book to screenplay. Your novel will be extensively read by the reader/writer, who will then decide whether it would work well on screen.


  • Hollywood Coverage
  • Hollywood Treatment
  • Hollywood Screenplay
  • Hollywood Query
  • Hollywood Submissions (300+ Hollywood companies and 300+ agents)

Literary Campaign

For your novel, we will find a literary agent. A whole "subspecialty" exists in the process of trying to sell a work called query letters. The most crucial tool for aspiring authors is this sales tool since it determines whether agents and editors will take the time to review your work or not.

You must be able to craft query letters for literary agents or acquisitions editors that excite them and get them to invite you to submit your work, whether you work on magazine pieces, nonfiction, or novels.


  • Literary Campaign - 10 submissions
  • Literary Campaign - 20 submissions
  • Literary Campaign - 30 submissions
  • Literary Query (300 submissions to book reviewer)

The US Review of Books

Authors can connect with expert reviewers through The US Review of Books, which also promotes their writing to thousands of readers. Reviews from book critics increase a book's visibility and increase the likelihood that more people will discover it. On some websites, books with more reviews have a higher chance of being displayed to potential readers and buyers than books with few or no reviews.


  • USRB Plus
  • USRB Feature
  • USRB Premium
  • USRB Platinum

Kirkus Review

Perhaps one of the most challenging roles for every published author is getting a book review. An unbiased book review from a respected source can lend a great deal of credibility to your published work. A reputable source of book reviews is Kirkus Reviews. One of the most reputable names in the publishing industry can help you promote your book.

Video Book Review with Guaranteed 5,000 views

As anybody may contribute in the video's comment section and engage in conversation with the Book Critics team about your book, a video book review is one of the most effective promotional methods you can use to educate new readers and a terrific way to keep existing readers interested.

Give readers more information about your book.

Other Review Services

  • Blueink Standard
  • Blueink Plus
  • Blueink and Foreword Review
  • Clarion Reviews
  • Book Review Service
  • Affiliate Review Service

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