As an author these days, it might be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, a writer such as yourself would persevere, seize the initiative, and ensure that their output is unique among the crowd. Your labor only merits the highest acknowledgment, after all. You could discover that working with us on producing your book exceeds your expectations.

Our packages are sure to meet your demands, whether you want to draw in potential filmmakers or high-end book merchants or whether you want to sell your book yourself. We have something for every writer, from those who view writing as a hobby, to those who hope to create their greatest masterpiece.

Noble Package

This package is anything but a humble package. The Noble Package has everything you may need to start your goal of selling and distributing your book. You can also choose to give your book as a gift, making this package perfect for you. Or you would like to surprise an author who may be close to your heart by getting their book out in print. There are several options to choose from with the Noble package.

The Noble Package is also the best choice for authors who plan to take control of how they want their book to be distributed or prefer a more slimmed-down version of the packages we offer.

Aristocrat Package

The Aristocrat Package is a whole different level from the Noble package. After sacrificing your blood, sweat, and tears, it is now time to give your book the recognition and support that it deserves in your readers’ hands. Your future and success as an author ride on the time, effort, and hard work that you have invested in creating your book. It is finally time to start reaping the harvest. 

However, launching your book may be a tough cookie to chew. Especially now that countless authors are trying to make a standout of their own to get a taste of the cherry on top, what would you need to stand out amongst the rest? This package is the perfect option for authors of non-fiction and how-to books.

Supreme Package

We have the ultimate package amongst the ones we already have; it, of course, would stand by its name. Our Supreme Package is sure to answer all the needs you have for publishing your very own book. A lot of authors know what they want when publishing their books but do not have the means to make it work. We are here to guide you in releasing your book for the whole world to see. 

The Supreme Package is quite similar to the Aristocrat package that we offer. Now, what makes these two packages different? With the Supreme package, you get more copies of the paperback and hardback versions of your work. We offer a press release campaign in 400 media outlets. Not only that, but you also get more targeted recipients for your e-mail blast campaign.


An author whose work is focused on children’s fiction has their eyes set on wanting to broaden a child’s imagination and teach children about the world around them. A lot of books also serve as light entertainment for children to keep their eyes away from advancing technology while they are still young. Children are on a journey of developing their comprehension literacy, and having a book to remember as they look back on their childhood is one of an author’s goals: to leave an impression on their readers.

Fantasy Package

Our Fantasy Package serves as the basic package for our children’s book publishing packages. But even this package can cater to your needs in publishing your very own children’s book. You can take the reins in publishing your very own children’s book with Gotham Books. 

Our Fantasy Package serves as the basic package for our children’s book publishing packages. We are here to help you in publishing your best work.

Dreamland Package

The Dreamland Package works similarly to the services that we offer with the Fantasy Package. But in this package, there are more services that you can avail yourself of to publish your very own children’s book.

Like the fantasy package, but you're ahead by one stride by having a hardback copy of your book. Where you once only imagined having people turn their heads to read your book, now it has become a reality with Gotham Books!

Wonderland Package

Are you an aspiring author who wants to publish your own children’s book? With Gotham Books, your dreams of publishing your very own masterpiece are finally coming true! Our Wonderland Package is equipped with the services you will need to take your book to greater heights. 

The Wonderland Package has everything you need, from a press release campaign in 400 media outlets to more targeted recipients for your e-mail blast campaign to a paperback, hardback, and color e-book format of your work. What makes the Wonderland Package far superior to the other colored packages is that it comes with marketing services included.


Audio Book

In today's fast-paced world, audiobooks offer an efficient reading format for multitaskers. With this rising demand, there is a notable rise in daily audiobook downloads. The audiobook format can aid self-published authors in expanding their target readers. With the Gotham Books Professional Audiobook package, readers may listen to your story whenever and wherever they like.

You know how they say never judge a book by its cover? In this case, books do get judged by their cover. Having an eye-catching book cover is the first thing your future reader sees when they stumble upon your book. You want to have a cover that not only shows the adventure that awaits inside but also the representation of who you are as an author. We will take good care of your book from cover to cover, secure all those legal registrations of your books, and provide author support around the clock. Now that is indeed the cherry on top.